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Recently I had a conversation with three clients about the terms African American and Caucasian. The reason the term was brought up is because I love hearing what key terms my clients list in the Google search when searching for a salon. So one client (African...

Vacation Time – Still Thinking About Hair

I often tell my husband that I need a vacation so that I can be more “creative” about work, education, and of course our family.  So as I am sitting near the BEAUTIFUL beach in Puerto Vallarta I realized that I STILL do some of the same habits I do in Phoenix; such as...

People Watching

One of the advantages of my cute little salon suite is that sometimes my clients like to “people watch” while I do their hair or while they are processing. But this particular Saturday in April I saw the SWEETEST and best reminder of why my logo and name could make a...


I’m Tamekia

Meet Tamekia, a champion of hair diversity, using her voice and skills to promote inclusivity in multicultural settings and beyond. Learn about her journey and the positive changes she’s driving.


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