Recently I had a conversation with three clients about the terms African American and Caucasian. The reason the term was brought up is because I love hearing what key terms my clients list in the Google search when searching for a salon. So one client (African American descent) takes no offense to the term. Another client (of African American descent) says she takes offense to the term because we aren’t in Africa so we should be addressed as only American. Although both clients were not wrong in their stance; it does raise the question of “what term do we use and what does others who address us use?”

As much as I want to live in my perfect little “bubble” and believe that everything is good and has good intentions behind it; unfortunately that is very far from the truth. So in conclusion, I would suggest that we have open conversations with our family and friends of common and not common race so that we can all become educated and bring “UNITY” to our commUNITY.