Years ago hair extensions was a service that only the “elite” clients used.  In Arizona most of the “elite” clientele lived and visited Scottsdale AZ, BUT now times have changed because supply and demand has made it easier for all clients to have access to hair extensions.  Although hair extensions are still considered a “luxury service” there are more and more clients trying AND loving hair extensions.  Business women, athletics, and tons of stay at home moms all want and deserve to feel beautiful.  Now women from all over the valley are inquiring and consuming these services.  In Unity Salon, inside The Beauty District of Norterra, I’m getting more and more consultations and bookings.  So now it’s no longer the Scottsdale clientele, it’s also north Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert who want to add a few hair extensions to their services.  So now I am booking more free consultations for clients to have the time to ask questions.  This allows me to recommend the best option for their hair and their lifestyle.  

Sometimes it’s hard to rationalize getting hair extensions, and I get it because as women, mothers, or wives we can EASILY talk ourselves out of doing things that we would love and can help to give us that little “boost” of confidence. BUT why don’t we invest in ourselves? 

So you ask, “Tamekia, seriously how can hair extensions help???” 

  • Makes morning routine faster and easier because a “bun” is easy  
  • Gives your hair some length and/or fullness
  • Makes style last longer 
  • Can eliminate or reduce heat to your natural hair
  • Gives you that extra boost of confidence
  • Can add dimension and color

So with all the great positives to hair extensions, I have to be transparent and tell the negatives as well.  The only negative is that sometimes it’s recommended by your stylist to take a break from the hair extensions and the client is resistant.  It’s my recommendation to trust your hairstylist with their recommendations.  And to also be open to a hybrid of extensions so that you can get the best results for your hair and your lifestyle.  

We are looking forward to seeing you soon and make sure to take full advantage of all the other shops at Norterra.

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There are many methods for hair extensions, make sure to consult with your stylist to make sure they know what is best for you.