Over 3 years ago I got certified through DevaCurl as a curl specialist for haircuts.  I can still remember my training like it was yesterday.  I went into the training thinking it would be a breeze because I had experience in the industry as well as being a licensed educator BUT that was totally NOT the case.  The class consisted of other licensed hairstylists of many different backgrounds and experience levels.  I went in thinking that the class would be a breeze considering my background (from Florida with years of experience in texture hair) and that was a HARD no!!!! I was sooooo having to really think of the angles, degrees, motions, etc.  So needless to say, it was a very humbling experience because every single detail of the DevaCurl training and curriculum was very thought out and perfected.  Their technique for cutting, shampooing, and diffusing was awesome and totally worked for my curly, wavy, and extra curly clients.  

Still today my clients love the service because of the education I am able to provide them, the time I take to understand their daily or weekly hair routine, understand what they love about their curls so I don’t change what they love, understanding what they are willing to change, and making sure they are heard and totally understood.  

With hair coloring being my number one requested service, DevaCurl haircuts come in with a strong number two service requested.  I LOVE my texture hair clients because they all have a unique story they can share about their “curly girl journey”. 

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