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This program, offered through Unity University, is meticulously crafted to embrace and teach the intricate nuances of working with diverse hair types. It reflects my commitment to fostering an inclusive and knowledgeable hair care community. For professionals looking to expand their expertise or individuals passionate about enhancing their hair care practices, this curriculum offers valuable insights and practical knowledge.

​With a rich background spanning over two decades as a hair care specialist, combined with a solid five-year tenure in educational roles, I have developed a comprehensive curriculum centered on Hair Diversity. This curriculum is the culmination of my extensive experience and dedication to the craft, designed to cater to a wide range of learning environments. It is currently being offered across various platforms, including salons, professional hair product retailers, and other select venues, ensuring accessibility for those eager to deepen their understanding and skills in hair care.

For more detailed information about the curriculum, enrollment process, or any specific inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact me to explore how Unity University can enrich your professional journey or personal growth in hair care.

Cultivating Understanding

The Impact of Hair Diversity Education on Communities

Hair diversity education extends well beyond the confines of salons, impacting households and educational institutions across the board. It plays a crucial role in environments as varied as multicultural foster homes, families with adopted children, and schools grappling with a fundamental misunderstanding of the myriad hair types that enrich our communities. This gap in understanding can, unfortunately, lead to instances of insensitivity and hurtful actions.

"As a principal of an elementary school faced with challenges due to hair diversity, Tamekia was wonderful coming in and presenting to my team"

Principal M.

What I Do

Community & Corporate Education

Tamekia has been instrumental in addressing these challenges, leveraging her exceptional communication skills to foster a deeper appreciation for hair diversity. Her interventions are aimed at rectifying misconceptions and promoting a more inclusive perspective on hair care and appreciation. By educating individuals in such settings, Tamekia not only enriches their knowledge base but also helps to cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every hair type is respected. Her work is a testament to the power of education in bridging cultural divides and building a more understanding and empathetic society.

Beyond The Salon

  • Important in multicultural foster homes and families with adopted children.
  • Addresses schools’ misunderstanding of diverse hair types.
  • Aims to correct insensitivity and promote inclusivity.
  • Tamekia uses effective communication to educate and foster appreciation.
  • Cultivates an environment where every hair type is respected.

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