All of these are reasons to want to inquire about hair extensions.  Suddenly there is a sudden “shift” in how you want to express yourself in your next adventure.  

“Do I ask for a consultation?” “Do I just Google anything that doesn’t make sense?” “Or should I just watch YouTube for HOURS until I find the person who has the exact same hair type as mine?”  All of these questions are what I hear my new clients ask, and the common denominator is that everyone wonders what is real and what is true as to what they can actually wear.  

So to answer the question “Do I ask for a consultation?”, the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!! And what questions should I ask? Well you should ask ANY question even if it sounds silly in your head.  That’s what professionals are here for.  Hair extensions is a luxury service that deserves your stylist’s full time and attention.  

Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel better coming out the salon than you did coming in the salon.  

Happy extensions!!!!!!

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