I often tell my husband that I need a vacation so that I can be more “creative” about work, education, and of course our family.  So as I am sitting near the BEAUTIFUL beach in Puerto Vallarta I realized that I STILL do some of the same habits I do in Phoenix; such as people watch and exam others hair styles.  Who is wearing extensions? How was their color technique performed? Did they get their hair done right before the vacation?  And of course during all my silly evaluations, my husband is the least bit interested lol.  But one thing I know for sure is that most people want to look and feel their best while on vacation.  For some it includes working out profusely before, going on an extreme diet, and even paying tons for hair services that they wouldn’t normally do for their “everyday lifestyle”.  

Which leads me to the questions, “Do clients want to spend more on hair extensions for that amazing vacation?”  Or are hair extensions more of a lifestyle for most?  My goal is to educate my clients on how and when to wear hair extensions and what method is best for their lifestyles.  And do we have to be going on vacation to look and feel fabulous?  The answer to that question should be NO.  We should feel fabulous if we are on vacation, going to work, or even staying at home to work or be with the family.  Feeling fabulous looks different for each individual, but as a hairstylist it’s our job to educate our clients on the best extension method for their lifestyle.  The number one service in my salon is volume wefts and I-tips; however, I’m not opposed to other methods.  For many of my clients I suggest a “hybrid method” because the density in each section of a clients hair is different.  

Conclusion is to find the hair service that makes you feel fabulous each and every day.  Because if we feel good we can give that amazing energy to others.