Oftentimes I receive requests for hair extensions consultations, and although I shouldn’t be biased I have to admit that they are some of my favorite appointments. Why would they be better than most appointment requests?

For me it’s the excitement and their anticipation. When the client enters the salon they have so many unknowns and so many positive yet negative emotions because in just a few hours a person can go from a “stepchild” who no one respects to a “Cinderella” that everyone sees when she enters the room. Does everyone want to be the “Cinderella”? Not everyone desires a huge transformation; and for those clients it’s an option to only add one row or even a few individual extensions.

Hair Extensions in North PhoenixIn the 27 years I’ve been adding hair extensions to my clients I can proudly say that a client has never left crying because they were disappointed with their extension service (unfortunately in the beginning of my career I had a handful of clients leave unhappy with a haircut or color). I have seen some tears because they feel more like themselves or better than they expected.

So after many years of doing hair, I would have to say that hair extensions are my favorite because I get to help other women OR men bring their smiles and confidence back. Not to mention that our time together always teaches me something new, humbles me in some way, and reminds me what my purpose is.

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